Quizurvey is a new communications channel enabling you to connect with customers; existing and coming. Reach these people directly on their smart phones. Everybody is online all the time and as such, they are always very personally available to you.

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Stop guessing – start knowing!

What if you could gather valuable consumer feedback and distribute knowledge about your product in one go? What if your customers initiated this dialogue through simple QR-codes? What if you could react to changes in demand instantly?
Forget all the “What-if’s” this is now possible!

Create your own QUIZURVEY easily and profit from immediate response. Analyse the live results in straightforward diagrams. Conduct simple, but highly effective surveys with the added touch of entertainment and prize draws.

Using a clever combination of questions in both knowledge- and survey-categories, QUIZURVEY allows you to poll for opinions while informing at the same time. Reach your target group directly on their smart phones.

Sparked your imagination?

Examples of use:

At a restaurant…

While waiting for a meal, guests in your restaurant are invited to take part in a short QUIZURVEY with the opportunity to win a discounted dinner or a free dessert. Some of the questions will involve a further study of your menu — the knowledge category. Other questions are surveys giving your clientele an opportunity to inform you about items they miss on that same menu, on how well they were treated and about their general impression.

Your benefit is evident: Receiving direct reviews at the time of experience and building a base of contact information. Offering a discount voucher ensures a new visit by the winner, perhaps with friends.

Getting started: Create your questions and group these into a campaign. Your customers scan a QR-code and they will promptly join your campaign. Answering five to eight questions only takes a minute.

You decide when to draw winners and how often you want to renew questions.


At a supermarket…

As consumers shop for their necessities you can examine whether there are goods they always or never purchase at your store. Verify which discounts they are most likely to shop for. Provide information about new products.

Inform shoppers about special deals they might otherwise overlook. Introduce them to new product lines. Include your suppliers and generate sponsored campaigns helping to finance your new information channel.

To encourage participation you can offer gift cards which bring back the winners for more shopping after the prize draw.


Improve your organization…

Track employee skills and satisfaction. One QUIZURVEY is all you need to inform about your company’s strategies while at the same time poll about needs and expectations. The QR-code sends participants directly to your campaign consisting of knowledge based and survey type questions.

By including a prize draw you can easily create an inter-company competition and take advantage of the gamification elements of QUIZURVEY.

One and the same tool provides the opportunity to increase employee loyalty, to build skills and to identify potential problem areas.


Online just a moment more…

Follow up on sales and visits to your website. Query your customers and visitors about their impression of your service. You can inform about current offers while at the same time gain insight into future demand.

As a token of thanks to your customers for helping you improve, you can offer discount vouchers in a prize draw. Suppliers can sponsor prizes.

The knowledge based questions will encourage customers and visitors to explore your services in more detail. Your advantage is providing a game-like experience where participants opt in and assist you in becoming better.


You may not be Coca-Cola, but…

It is no secret that some of the World’s most famous brands focus on keeping their brand foremost in consumer consciousness. You can achieve similar results easily and inexpensively. Simply invite your customers to take part in a small competition where you challenge their knowledge about your business.

You can share details about your products and at the same time ask your customers what they want from you in the future. The ultimate focus group is now at your fingertips. Simply advertise your QUIZURVEY through a QR-code and start receiving direct feedback from your existing and coming customers.


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