Get access to the most comprehensible guide on interactive TV services.

All the information you need to create elegant and intuitive interactive services. Easy-to-understand background on technical details. Rundown on challenges. Including example screens.


In short: It is really very simple to overcome the challenges of designing good services for interactive television – simple is one of the key words. Definitions and specifications of iTV design guidelines are defined in the BRAINS standard: Basic Rules of Advanced, Intuitive Navigation Systems.


The BRAINS standard
-Basic Rules of Advanced Intuitive Navigation Systems

How Does It Work?
-Video, Audio, Data
-The Graphic Layer
-Palette, Fonts, Graphic Primitives
-BRAINS Navigation
-BRAINS Production

Interactive Service Design Challenges
-The Technical Constraints
-The Artistic Ambitions

Criteria Determining Success of iTV Services
-Relation to Broadcast


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